Business Consulting Services

Calsim Technology leadership team and partners will assist in scope, design, development, project direction, testing, and implementation of processes that involve custom software development to meet the needs of the business.

Calsim possesses strong organizational leadership and the intuitive engineering background necessary to guide organizations and build applications that meet the needs of a highly technical industry. Developing effective tools to further improve the processes and facilitate sales growth helps the organization meet future challenges.

Application Development

The core strength of Calsim Technology is in taking business requirements and specifications and developing customized software. This software, in turn, meets the criteria of our customers in highly technical industries that require complex business solutions.

Application Management

Calsim has placed senior product specialists permanently on-site for ongoing in-house support. See FlowTek® 2.0, FloWizrd™ 1.0, and FlowCore 2.0 Library.

Independent Testing and Quality Assessment

The Calsim Technology approach to testing is that there must exist a completely separate testing group. This has proven that we can meet successfully the highly technical challenges of testing and quality control for our partners in their extremely complex technical industries. As there are a multitude of complex rule engines that must be developed, this process is employed by Calsim Technology to eliminate errors and bugs in the development of custom software.