FlowTek 2.0

FlowTek® Overview——– Software support for the flow measurement field technician

Upstream oil and gas facilities and downstream pipeline operations are required to periodically inspect, verify and report measurements from flow meters. In Alberta, the Alberta Energy Regulator – AER’s Directive 17 provides regulatory requirements for measurement points used for AER accounting and reporting. Elsewhere, government agencies have similar requirements for flow measurement by energy producers and those involved in various industrial processing fields.

To help meet the needs of flow measurement field technicians in gathering information and reporting against these requirements, Calsim Technology Inc. has developed FlowTek® .

With FlowTek®, a technician creates a tag record that describes the meter type, characteristics, and flowing conditions. A variety of fluid property methods are employed to support the calculation of predicted flow rates and other values required to verify the accurate operation of equipment. Reports are easily generated containing the meter data as well as calculated results and inspection information.

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