About Us

Calsim Mission

Our mission is to create robust and reliable business and industrial software tools, and to provide services that support our customers’ business flow and associated systems.

Who we are at Calsim

Calsim Technology was founded in 1997 by Dr. Wei Sheng. Our head office is located in one of the fastest growing business cities in North America: Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calsim Technology has been meeting the needs of companies looking for outsourcing on custom software development projects which require effective and highly technical solutions. Calsim provides custom software development and a high level support for the oil and gas and manufacturing sectors.

Calsim Technology is lead by a project team of industry professionals. These project leaders are experts that bring a highly technical aptitude and caliber. The senior project leaders oversee a group of high caliber, skilled software developers and testers and drive high level, ongoing software support. Calsim technology appreciates and respects the people that make us the success that we are. We support on-going education and training of our staff and team members to ensure they are prepared to work with the latest trends in technology and business.

Your Outsourcing Solution

Calsim Technology is an excellent choice for your outsourcing solution Since 1997, Calsim Technology (with the head office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) has been providing an excellent service of outsourcing for large companies. We meet and surpass the needs of these companies in achieving highly effective, budget friendly software development (including project lead, design, testing, and ongoing support).

We pride ourselves on minimizing or eliminating any launch delays or new version upgrades. We have vast experience on highly technical areas of OEMs, particularly those serving and selling components to process industries. These industries require accommodating numerous rules and calculations in order to configure and price the exact products for the sale. Calsim Technology also has an established record working with oil and gas companies to develop software that assists risk management, auditing, reporting, asset allocation, and accurate production measurement.

Our competitive advantage is that we can provide highly competitive pricing and industrial aptitude which has proven to mitigate time spillage on projects. Calsim Technology has proven over time to have an exceptional track record in timely delivery of software launches, as well as new upgrades and releases. Utilizing a sophisticated product development strategy allows Calsim Technology to meet tight deadlines and avoid schedule slippage with a unique method that focuses on ongoing risk assessment for all of our projects.