Instrument Toolkit 3.0

Instrument Toolkit® 3.0

Calsim Technology was contracted with the long-term development, testing, and ongoing support of the Instrument Toolkit software, a solution that takes the complication out of ordering Rosemount products. The Windows-based software allows the user to record application information and process conditions, and to run difficult, time consuming calculations required to properly select an instrument and components. The Instrument Toolkit allows the user to select a valid Rosemount or Micro Motion model number and custom configure the flow, level, pressure, and temperature transmitters.

Using the Instrument Toolkit ensures that the customer receives the correct model to meet their application needs. This software, which was first designed in 1997 for Rosemount and affiliated companies and partners, has dramatically improved order efficiency and reduced the time spent for the end user to configure and order the correct components. The Instrument Toolkit has a desktop and web application available, depending upon the need and requirement of the sales individual.

The Instrument Toolkit software accommodates over ten thousand parts and components, which all require an industrial aptitude and precise calculation to correctly configure the exact parts for the application in the process control area. Calsim Technology has developed, tested, and supported each version of the Instrument Toolkit since inception. The Instrument Toolkit has become a viable and essential part of the Rosemount, Micro Motion, and Spartan Controls marketing strategy.

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